Essenza V2 features

The reason that we created this demo is to show you what other possibilities Essenza has besides the default grid, gallery and blog modules. Essenza really is a premium theme with additional fullscreen grid and gallery options, instead of a grid based theme with some simple page options! Based on all the feedback and suggestions we got during the first two weeks online, we decided to drastically change the 'regular' page admin options, giving full freedom for creativity to the user!

Essenza V2 is all about giving creative freedom to the user


Perfect page alignment options - Where V1 only enabled to align a fixed 770 pixels wide page to align left, centered and right, V2 gives you complete control over alignment, width and margins. This enables you to create beautiful pages like this one.

Content to side snapping In V2 it is possible to 'snap' content to the sides of a page. An example is the slider here in top, snapping to the left, top and right side of the page. It also allows you to create pages like the stacked slider homepage.

Save and load pages With new pagebuilder options, creating custom pages like this one becomes more attractive. To make it extra easy to create multiple pages with the same layout, in V2 it is possible to save a page layout and load that layout in any other page!

New and improved shortcodes V2 provides you with some cool new shortcodes to play with like 'Image Button' and 'Text Header'. Also, the text editors in the pagebuilder give more freedom on how to use fonts. Last but not least, some improvements to existing shortcodes have been made!

Seperated submenus Of course it was already possible to have submenus in V1, but the only option was having a fullwidth submenu bar as in the creative demo. In V2 it is possible to have seperated submenus with lots of styling options to create the exact look you want!

2 completely new demos to import! - With this large list of new features, of course we want to show what can be done with them! We thought the best way to do so is by creating 2 completely new demos. You're now looking at the new Corporate demo. Don't forget to also check out the new Personal demo.

Import style settings - The 4 demos are all available to import as dummy content to get you started with Essenza in just a couple of minutes. However, we also added the ability to only import the style settings of the demos, and the ability to switch between styles on the flow!

Bootstrap 3 & FontAwesome 4 - Essenza now works with Bootstrap 3 giving great new resizing and placement options. Also, FontAwesome 4 is already implemented to match with Bootstrap 3 and giving you faster rendering and new icons!

Custom placeholder paddings & alignment - Align placeholders left, center and right and give them custom paddings to give you maximum control over content placement.

Dynamic page transparency - Set the page transparency anywhere between 0% and 100%, enabling placement of content directly on a background image.

Keyboard arrow portfolio & gallery control - Navigate through the portfolio and gallery items simply by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard (Firefox only).

Floating 'To Top' button - Where in V1 the 'To Top' button was stuck to the bottom, in V2 we have replaced it with a floating one that pops up as soon as you start scrolling. It also has much more styling options!

Video cover on all videos - We added the ability to also add a image video cover over the video in the video shortcode and the video post format.

Logo & main menu offset - Move your logo and main menu left, right, up or down to create a perfect header alignment.

Custom CSS box in admin area - Enabling extra customization options for styles throughout the theme.

Increased freedom in textarea - Be able to pick fontstyles directly in the texteditor from one of your imported fonts.

Sidebar pixel border - Add a custom 1 pixel border between the page and sidebar to mark them as seperate areas.

Single image maximum width - Set a maximum width on the single image module to avoid having use images on the iPad in portrait mode for example.

Video height ratio - Instead of having a fixed height in pixels for videos, we now implemented a height ratio. Doing so will scale the video to perfect dimensions on any device.

Responsive contact form width - In V1, the width of the contact form was fixed at all times. Now it perfectly scales to the available space.

Portfolio custom close link - Set a custom close link for portfolio items when items are used on various portfolio pages.

New individual color settings - Added individual color settings for the tabs shortcode, the portfolio description panel, the video play icon and some more.

More small additions - Besides all of the above many other small additions are made like setting a custom margin between the contact form and its send button, setting target windows for various button modules, etc. etc.


Dynamic loading in IE8 and IE9 - All pages using dynamic loading did not show content in IE8 and IE9, all that was visible was the loading animations.

Cramped thumbnails bug Only some users experienced this bug where thumbnails showed cramped in the top of the page. Only resizing the screen was followed by the thumbnails showing properly.

Video close button offset The close button of the video was halfway outside the top of the canvas.

Image feed thumbnails size - Thumbnails of image feeds were not resized properly to the correct size and available space.

Logo covering menu icon on mobile devices - A big logo covered the menu icon on mobile devices not making navigating through the site possible.

Vertical spaces shortcode <10 - A way to position all content extra good is by using the vertical space shortcode here and there. In V1, values lower than 10 were not saved properly.

Translation not coming through - Not all translations were saved correctly.

Minor bug fixes - Some other minor bug fixes like alignments and text styles not being saved properly.